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Starting from January 10, 2017 you will be required to use the update server for your extensions in order to be listed on Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Learn how to launch it in under 10 minutes using DW Anything Component Pro.

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DB Embed Pro

DB Embed is a plugin for Joomla! to embed any data from your site's database into an article text.

No programming knowledge is required—you use simple tags to include data in article text: {dbembed:load=database_table key=column_name find=key_value value=source_column_name}.

The inserted data is updated atomatically on any changes to data in your database.

Price: $3.99

Click Download to purchase a backlink-free DB Embed Pro version with advanced featuers.

Joomla! 3.xUse DB Embed to include information from database in an article text.


Follow the normal Joomla! installation procedure. The installation package is compatible with Joomla! 3.x.


With DB Embed, you use {dbembed:load=database_table key=column_name find=key_value value=source_column_name} tag to insert any value from Joomla! database table directly into content article.

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